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SoL Cups are crafted from 100% hand-blown glass made from a very high percentage of borosilicate, making it incredibly premium, lightweight and crystal clear! The silicon sleeve and lids are all 100% food-grade and chemical free. All components are dishwasher and microwave safe. Each beautiful SoL Cup comes with its own SoL gift box. Designed to be used and reused. Perfect as a plant box, stationary holder, makeup box or toy box for the kids.


Our indulgence for a takeaway coffee a day, or the ease of grabbing a bottle of water at the servo comes at a cost, so there are a number of reasons changing to a reusable cup benefits you AND the environment. The first, is obviously that it reduces waste going into landfill and our oceans. It also saves global resources such as the cardboard and plastic used to make cups that leave a huge carbon footprint. Using a reusable cup also saves you money as most cafes now offer a discount for BYO cups, and every dollar counts! So not only does it help the environment, but coffee actually tastes better from a glass cup and kept warmer for longer. You’ll also look super trendy with your Nauggets branded SoL cup and be the envy of everyone at the office.

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