From buying and spending gold, to sending it to your friends, Nauggets is your digital gold app that makes gold transactions simple!

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How the Nauggets app works

In just a few simple steps you can start buying, selling, sending and spending gold. All you need is your name, phone number and email to get started.

Give the gift of gold

Show your love and make someone feel extra special by sharing and gifting your gold! Send gold to a friend or family member in our Nauggets community.

What our customers have to say about Nauggets

At Nauggets, we’re making gold accessible for the ‘rest of us’ by bridging the gap between the experts and you.

Janaya Randell
Owner of Wild Southern Escapes

“As an environmentally-conscious consumer who was looking to invest some savings, Nauggets were my first choice due to their clear purpose for environmental sustainability and regenerating the planet. I would not hesitate to recommend Nauggets to my friends and family and look forward to watching my gold grow.”

Save the earth’s future while saving for yours

As we help you save for your future, we want to help save the planet by achieving carbon neutrality.

With the help of our partners at One Tree Planted we will plant a tree for every activated Nauggets account and continue to plant a tree for every $1000 of gold you purchase.

Grow your savings while we reforest the planet and grow a brighter future. You will also be given the chance to earn bonus rewards by doing your part for the environment. Stay tuned!

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